looking back (part 1)

Lower Walkley community garden has been up and running for nearly a year now. The transformation that has happened in that time has been amazing (I think that was said quite a few times last year, usually after a work day).

I wanted to create this blog as a way of keeping track of the garden’s development; so much has happened in the first year that it is already beginning to get blurry in my memory what happened when and how and why…

So the garden’s history up to today is something like this – in Summer 2012 after a chance conversation with someone about the lack of available allotments on Morley Street and the frustration felt walking past a huge area of unused council land which could be happily used for allotments, a meeting was called and it became clear that many people felt that the land should be brought back into use for the community, but a large area of the land had been contaminated with asbestos some years previously.

Over the next 6 months a few more meetings were held to see what local people would like to do with the land, interesting conversations were had with various people that knew the history of the land and a committee was formed; a constitution signed in December and the council gave permission for an area of 4 allotments (which were not part of the contaminated land) to be used to create a community garden.First year, rent free. Whoop!




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