looking back (part 2)

Winter 2012/2013 was really really long and the snow stayed around for ages, this worked in our favour though as it meant that by the time Spring arrived we were ready for it and eager to get going on the site to turn it into a garden.

The first work day was amazing, It was a huge relief that people actually turned up! About 14 people came along and got stuck into clearing all the overgrown brambles, which came down really quickly. The site transformed rapidly over the first few work days that were held; a large area was cleared of brambles and was dug over (really hard work, but a rotavator helped ! ) and buckets and buckets and more buckets of glass were cleared along with huge pieces of metal and pieces of demolished sheds which had been there from many years ago when the land used to be used for allotments. The garden was roughly divided into 3 areas, one area containing individual plots which families or friends could use for themselves, a mandala garden was created in the second area and was also used for general community planting , this area also has a beautiful tree on it which attracts any visiting children towards it to sit and climb on. The third area has herbs and other various plants on as well as a developing social area – seats and a table began to appear and suggestions of creating a fire pit, and a pizza oven were made.

People got planting as soon as they could, transforming the garden again into a lush, green, cared for space. We soon realized how good the soil was with the rate that things grew and how healthy the plants were, all sorts of things were growing – beans, kale, potatoes, salad leaves,onions, garlic, pumpkins, beetroot, courgettes… the garden was thriving and people were enjoying being there!

To celebrate we had an end of the summer BBQ 🙂



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