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John Seymour

A friend gave me  “The self-sufficient gardener” by John Seymour about 14 years ago, it was written in 1978 and in it he talks about the change that took place from people using any land they had to grow food, to them becoming more interested in the status symbol of the lawned garden and how it was reverting back (in 1978) to self sufficiency again.

“But now, once again, the pendulum is swinging the other way. As food, and everything else, is becoming more expensive, there is coming about a great renaissance of gardening for self-sufficiency. People find that they are saving a significant part of their salaries by doing it, that their food tastes better and does them more good, and that their children are healthier. They themselves benefit from some hard work in the fresh air, and from being involved with the benign cycle of the seasons and with the satisfying process of helping nature create beautiful and nourishing food out of what is apparently nothing”.

All the benefits of growing your own food!

One of the massive benefits of lwcg is the knowledge that some of the people possess. It can be overwhelming when you realize your lack of knowledge about how food grows,how does the plant grow? how are you meant to look after the plants?, how do you know when they are ready to be eaten? where is the bit that you are meant to eat?…growing food as part of a community garden means you can share knowledge and also make less mistakes than you would if you were doing it by yourself. It is great that it allows people to learn about food growing and that knowledgeable gardeners can pass on their wisdom and experience to people that are eager to learn.